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Local Offer

You will find information on all of the assistance available to help your child or young person progress and achieve their best in the educational system and beyond. makers.


A play session for children under 5 years with the Speech & Language Therapist. Join us for playing, singing, rhymes, stories, support and advice. Chattertime


JKP publish books for professionals and general readers in a range of subjects. We are well known for our long established lists on the autism spectrum, social work, and arts therapies.


Free Printable SEN Teaching Resources. Teaching resources

SEN Teacher

SEN Teacher is amongst the oldest teaching resource sites and has over 300,000 regular users. Our learning materials are free to share and use in schools or at home.

Sentas (Home-School transport)

Sentas is a free service to parents and young people. Sentas provides information, advice and advocacy on issues surrounding SEN home to school/college transport.

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